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As a modern freelance medical writer, I specialize in health content, marketing, and branding for wellness companies. I write impactful content for businesses like yours.

The demand of the modern consumer is growing in a very health-conscious way. No one wants to just buy a product or a quick service anymore. They want to engage in a well rounded, health-focused life and they want to know details of how to do so from a trusted source. To find the level of success your company deserves, you need to consistently produce accurate and desired health content in all appealing forms (see below).

I am here to help you provide a health experience for your clients that is health-smart, reliable, accurate, validating, and contagious. With this service, you become a desired and unique health influencer and likable authority.

I work for:

Medical communication agencies, medical education companies, health care professionals, natural health product companies, holistic providers, wellness centers, health care associations, academic institutions, medical and health care book publishers, newspapers, biotechnology companies, medical device companies, and trade publications.

I am most passionate about natural health companies with:

Health products, wellness services, natural food, CBD, vitamin and supplement sales, specialty pharmaceuticals, and specialty labs. I greatly enjoy working with holistic providers and holistic wellness centers to expand their business and brand.

The content I write or edit:

Informational Consumer Health Articles


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Branding Material

Supplement and Nutrition Programs

Health Education Materials

Decision aids: Booklets, pamphlets, summaries, brochures

Magazine and newspaper articles

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Poster and Slide Presentations for medical conferences

Abstracts for medical journals and medical conferences

Advertisements for pharmaceuticals, devices, and other products

Medical and Scientific Journal Articles

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Sales training

Staff training

My primary areas of therapeutic expertise include all disease and disorders, primary care medicine, women’s health, pediatrics, alternative and holistic health, chronic illness, mental illness, addiction medicine, lifestyle health, exercise physiology, manipulative therapies, psychology and counseling, genomics, nutrition, food as medicine, CBD, mindful practices, spiritual health, social health, and vitamin and supplement education.

My previous experience as a clinical MD, holistic health educator, health coach, practice management consultant, medical business owner, and clinical researcher shaped my broad knowledge of medical content. My focused training in medical writing, freelance writing, and content marketing solidified my skillset (see Experience).