Dr. Nicole is the most caring, compassionate, skilled person, and a great health provider. She is a very knowledgeable doctor and helped my daughter to overcome depression without using heavy drugs. Her approach is holistic with a very detailed initial exam leading her treatment. She is an excellent listener with exceptional communication skills and has vast knowledge and experience. The results achieved with my teenage daughter were terrific, and I decided to have her as our family doctor. My family has been seeing her and following her advice for more than four years. I have complete trust in her opinions as she helped me through my menopause symptoms and helped my husband to overcome statin medications. I have total confidence that Dr. Nicole will bring a new life opportunity to any patient who seeks her advice. Thanks, Dr. Nicole, our family is grateful to have you in our lives.

 - The Jost Family, Orlando, Florida

By adhering to Doctor Nicole’s instructions over the last twelve months the results I am getting are super encouraging. Dr. Nicole’s kind attention to my woes and ailments is greatly appreciated and her willingness to listen to my questions and then to provide edification is refreshing. I’ve learned a lot about the importance of hormones, healthy eating, and moderate exercise all of which enhance my sense of well-being!

- Tom, Orlando, Florida

Meeting Dr. Nicole has been life changing for me. I had a hysterectomy eight years ago. At the time I was 39 and not ready physically and emotionally to deal with menopause. The next eight years were a living hell with hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain and no libido. I was watching myself age quickly and feeling like I was just getting through every day. I had zero interest in sex which was a strain on my relationship and the hot flashes were debilitating. 

My first appointment with Dr. Nicole was the first time I felt hope. She listened to me and how I was feeling, and addressed each problem area with professionalism and concern. After extensive blood work, she presented me with a plan of vitamins and bio identical hormones. Dr. Nicole looked at what I was lacking in my blood work and filled in gaps for my body. The bio identical hormone combined with the vitamins has changed my life. My hot flashes are much more mild, I have lost 15 pounds, my skin looks amazing, and my libido is returning. I went to a party over Christmas and a friend told me how amazing I looked. He told me “You are glowing.” All this has changed due to the kind, caring, and professional Dr. Nicole. 

- Marty Mercado, Orlando, Florida