Help the Gut - Heal the Brain

If you have heard that our gut dictates our full body health, this is not an understatement. The amount of DNA inside the gut bacteria is 100+ times larger than our own gut DNA. In order to be healthy, we need healthy bacteria. They control the substances that are allowed in the body such as proteins, chemicals, nutrients, modified food, neurotransmitters, hormones and more. When bad bacteria is abundant (SIBO, leaky gut), foreign toxins damage the gut, the body and of course, the brain. Common symptoms include IBS, constipation, abdominal pain, food intolerance, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, allergies and autoimmune disease. Because changing gut chemistry is an intricate process, my program includes specific scientific stages of healing to prevent recurrence.    



this program includes

  • Gut Infection and building a healthy microbiome
  • Leaky Gut testing and sealing therapy
  • Gut, brain and cell cleanse
  • Neurotransmitter production for Mood
  • Genetic food and toxin testing
  • Food Allergy and Compatibility testing
  • Digestive Function and Support
  • Injection Therapies
  • Oxygen and electrolyte cell stimulation