Holistic Life Coaching



  • Tulane University School of Medicine
    Undergraduate & Medical School (2001)

  • Medical University of South Carolina
    Residency, Pediatrics

  • University of Arizona
    Fellowship, Integrative Medicine

What does Holistic health coaching from an M.D. mean?

  1. I listen to your every concern.

  2. I find the root cause or the “why” you experience this.

  3. We work together with the complicated science of cellular function, investigating every path of dysfunction and finding a treatment plan that gives results. This includes looking into infection, allergy, leaky gut, toxins, genetics, cellular deficiencies, mitochondrial energy, hormones, metabolism and more. We unwind and read your map.

  4. We make a new, simplified map to follow with your healthy DNA. We find a daily life plan that gives results and I teach you to make amazingly fruitful changes (not complete overhauls) with ease.

I am glad you are here today and interested in holistic health. My purpose is to help you find relief from the symptoms you continue to face. As a holistic medical doctor, I offer a coaching program that gets to the root cause of physical and mental concerns, strips away the old, useless cell connections and chemicals, finds your restart, and restores healing. The program is not pure magic, but some feel that way. It is a “feel good again” program that is often found to be your positive turning point in life and health.

How many times a day do you think about something uncomfortable you feel in your body? Think of your day today and honestly recall how often you think of your symptoms. I find in most it is often and hindering, sometimes persistent or worsening for months or years. There is no need to dismiss your feelings again. They are valid and real and can be helped. Holistic doctors dive into symptoms to evaluate whole body wellness not one system diseases. It may sound complicated, but I have found the key: we find your refreshing simplicity. The end result is YOU, RESONATING.

Doctors may have given you the impression that your symptoms are normal unless symptoms progress. Have you been offered strong prescriptions that help one complaint and cause other problems? Do you feel dependent on medication but really don’t like taking it? I can confidently tell you that it is not normal to have daily struggles when we can successfully give your body its cellular function again.

I am a motivator, but do not bark orders. I do expect honesty in my program but certainly not perfection. When you are able to tell me your obstacles that may seem embarrassing this will be your AHA moment for change. I will always share the obstacles I face and the solutions I have found to overcome them.

Deciding to try natural healing approaches can be a leap of faith. Some may be concerned the therapies seem hippie, foreign, eccentric, ineffective, or even expensive. I can assure you these are myths. This is precisely why, as a conventional M.D., I felt compelled to continue to study four additional years with the best M.D’s in holistic medicine. I acquired amazing knowledge and the skills to use it. My services are provided with every intention to heal you. I watch this process in my patients (and myself) with such joy. Please feel free to contact me directly at 407-720-6765 or nicole@drnicolemd.com . Finally, click here to read my blog which is full of tips & tricks for healthy living.