My Destiny as a Medical Communicator


I’m a vessel Bridging the Gap in our healthcare approach

I’m always happy to share my story. I’ve found when we share our dark and light pasts, we find connection, compassion, and the courage to move into our destiny. My failures are the biggest part of my success as a medical communicator. Much of my story involves sitting in pain and setbacks way too long before realizing I could find my own health journey.

Reading some bullet points from my story, you can see I needed holistic health to heal. I was so sick of being sick, so I decided to train in the most evidence based holistic health program available. I used everything I learned to treat myself. I didn’t just get better, I found an inner calm and clarity to life that opened up a path to feel joy and fulfill my potential.

It wasn’t magical. I consistently choose a daily life of the right food, the most effective medical grade supplements, mindful awareness and yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy, environmental cleansing, spiritual grounding, and strong social connections. I did the same for my patients who healed, and now I am sharing the right approaches with the world through content.

I’m here to help all those seeking a better, deeper well being by sharing our very best science, innovation, and successful methods of natural healing. My purpose is to be a vessel of communication through writing to provide accurate and influential health information that, when adopted, leads to a joyful life experience.  

I write for the modern health consumer seeking only the best natural health options. I write to connect everyone in wellness with the best western and eastern approaches to healing. I write to help natural health companies make a positive and bold impact. The result is actionable content that bridges the gap in our broken healthcare system between disease and prevention.


my story includes

  • Early childhood trauma

  • Facing a serious anxiety disorder for most of my life

  • Chronic fatigue due to an undiagnosed thyroid illness (missed for 7 years)

  • A fall into depression triggered by a combination of no sleep, brain toxic food and vitamin deficiencies

  • Gastrointestinal reflux and SIBO due to a missed gluten allergy

  • Serious Vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to prolonged use of antacids (prescribed)

  • Dependency on an anti-anxiety medication

  • Conventional medicine failures in my patients with a disease based approach and harmful prescription medications.

  • Regaining my health with natural health approaches transforming my physical, mental, and spiritual

  • Finding my purpose to communicate effective health options to everyone seeking a better life.