Return to Vitality

This is my empowerment program. Most come to me with a symptom that does not get the recognition deserved in conventional medicine visits. Symptoms most commonly include chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression, sleep disturbance and insomnia, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, gut dysfunction,  chronic pain and inflammation, heart disease and diabetes. All it takes is recognizing that your symptoms are real and not normal. If you don’t want to live with them anymore, I have the keys to feed your cells energy to help these heavy burdens and to prevent chronic disease and a shortened life span. 



this program includes

  • Cellular health steps: Investigate, decode, rethink, recode and rewire
  • Inflammation removal
  • Body Function Food Plan
  • Heart health, bone health and gut health analysis 
  • Genetic based disease risk therapy
  • Gut infection, leaking, inflammation and allergy testing
  • Epigenetics to favor longevity and cellular optimization
  • Mental and physical pattern (habit) rewiring 
  • Individual energy restoration with mitochondrial detox and support
  • Character defect analysis for social and spiritual grounding
  • Lymphatic vibration and drainage
  • Joy, light and vitality