Sexy, Strong and Satisfied

Many men and women go through hormone changes without questioning if we can help our bodies during the change. The argument that it’s a natural process no longer applies. Our modern environment disrupts all hormone pathways including sex hormones, cortisol (stress), thyroid hormones, melatonin and most commonly a combination of all. Without these hormones we have increased risk of heart disease and diabetes, lower bone density, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, frequent hot flashes, hair loss, hair growth, poor sleep, mood fluctuations, adrenal fatigue, PCOS, estrogen dominance, androgen dominance and more. Negative environmental elements include electronic overstimulation, lack of sleep, increased stress, poor nutrient absorption, toxin exposure, anti-biotic use, viral infections, modified food, and lack of neurotransmitter production. Hormone imbalance leads to chronic illness and simply hinders overall health. In my program, balance is achieved with many measures.  



this program includes

  • Balance sex hormones with 9 path test and treatment
  • Hormone package Precursors  and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
  • Thyroid Function multi-pathway support for Metabolism
  • Mitochondrial ignition and engagement for cellular energy
  • Cofactor and anti-oxidant cell activation
  • Cortisol regulation and stress hormone cycling suppression
  • Adrenal Fatigue and Overdrive management
  • Estrogen and Androgen deficiency and dominance balancing  
  • Medical Vitamin Titration Therapy based on deficiencies
  • Gut, brain and cell cleanse
  • Neurotransmitter production for Mood
  • Sexual energy awakening techniques
  • Body Love