Stop Starving Weigh Less

I am passionate about this program because having excess weight is a common struggle, can lower self confidence, impede life, and is difficult to loose with long term results. There are so many weight loss diets, lasers, supplements, and exercise programs that set us up for failure. By looking at the current state of your metabolism, I uncover the many reasons you have weight gain.  We then enhance your metabolic burn by repairing, restoring and igniting cellular function, energy sources, and mitochondria function. Deprivation such as calorie counting, food restriction and intense exercise is not the answer. The answer is a comprehensive investigative program that is made specifically for your entire body. Your history and lab work allows me replace the needed hormones, brain chemicals, nutrients, cofactors, and anti-oxidants needed. This triggers your body to use sugars and carbohydrates to burn energy, instead of store fat cells.



this programs includes

  • Fat, Phytonutrient, Fire Meals
  • Mitochondrial engagement and cellular burn
  • Toxin testing and cleanse
  • Sleep with pineal and adrenal gland analysis
  • Balance sex hormones with 9 path test and treatment
  • Pelvic Floor and Core stimulation with small muscle therapy
  • GI mapping of infection and gaps
  • Food Compatibility and Allergy 
  • Medical Vitamin Titration Therapy based on deficienceis
  • Brain signal remapping for cravings, emotional eating and mood swings
  • Body Based movement
  • Oxygen and electrolyte cell stimulation
  • Herbal power combo therapy
  • Body Love